Gallery Update: Kera Volume 9, More ETC Catalogs

The selections from the June 1999 issue of Kera mentioned in our last post are now up.

We have also added a few more ETC catalogs, including December 2010, Spring / Summer 2011 Volume 1, and November 2011. We have also added a mystery “Spring & Summer volume 2” which we believe may be from 2011, as it contains the biscuit print. However, we aren’t sure if it was released multiple times.

Interestingly, the December 2010 color catalog and the 2011 Spring Summer Volume 1 Sketch catalog seem to overlap a lot. We believe the 2010 December Catalog was released in November (or earlier) as it mentions a November event. This may mean that the 2011 Spring / Summer catalog is from early in 2011 and simply showed what was currently available (as opposed to what will be available soon).

Lastly, we added covers + table of contents for 4 volumes of CUTiE from 1988 – 1990. These were found in fairly high quality in auction listings and were added to help give a better picture of what type of content was in these magazines, as magazines from that time period are very uncommon online.

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