Behind the Name: Innocent World’s Petit Chien OP

Today for we are looking at Innocent World’s Petit Chien OP. This is a dress who’s name has been a point of puzzlement, and it came up in a discussion in a facebook group of pieces with strange names. Specifically, why call it “Petit Chien” (Little dog) when it’s a music themed print?

We did some research and found that there was a note on the original listing: “可愛らしいプティシアン(子犬のワルツの楽譜)の刺繍と” / “With cute Petit Chien (Puppy Waltz sheet music) embroidery”.

So, we dug into it further, and it does appear to have the first few measures of Chopin’s Valse de Petit Chien (Op.64 No.1) which is better known in English as the Minute Waltz, embroidered on the right-hand side of the collar.

That said, the key doesn’t appear to be correct and was likely visually simplified for the aesthetics. Several natural accidentals are also omitted.

This waltz was composed in 1847 and dedicated to Chopin’s friend, the Polish Countess Delfina Potocka.

As for the original French name, Chopin was apparently inspired by watching a little dog chase it’s own tail.

While it’s often called the minute (noun, 60 seconds) waltz in English, it’s actually supposed to be minute (adjective, small or of diminutive stature).

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