This site was established as a place to collect and store information from many different sources. The lolita community lacks a central historic body, or even a catalog of historic sources. On top of that, much of the information available to western lolita is online, and online content is notoriously short lived. In addition, very little has been done to document the history of lolita outside of Japan in general.

This is very much an amateur, informal gathering of information. We do not claim to be an authority, nor an expert, and critical reading skills should be used to verify all content.

About The Editor: Raine Dragon

I became interested in lolita fashion around 2008-2009. I initially started digging into the history of the fashion when I became involved with Lolibrary as a volunteer content contributor. This led to me procuring a number of older publications to research old items.

While I research old school lolita and lolita history, I primarily wear pieces from 2008 or later, though there are some older pieces that are dear to my heart. It’s very strange, because I often see very old pieces for sale, which I find very exciting, but they are usually things I wouldn’t wear. I really have to rein myself in to stop from buying them!