Gothic Lolita Bibles

You can find Gothic Lolita Bible volumes on Amazon Japan. If they are still in stock from Amazon directly, you can get them shipped internationally without a shopping service. If they are second hand, you usually will need a shopping service. FromJapan will do it, but the shipping is painful. I like Tenshi Shop.

Gothic Lolita Bible Search on Amazon Japan

Kera Magazine

Like with the GLB, you can find some issues of Kera on Amazon Japan, specifically the more recent ones.

Kera on Amazon Japan

Yahoo Japan Auctions is also a good place to look. Check the Teen/Street magazine section. Again, it’s easier to find more recent issues.

Gothic Lolita & Punk Brand Book

Yahoo Japan Auctions Link


Yahoo Japan Auctions Link


Yahoo Japan Auctions Link


Search for “Gothic Lolita” on Yahoo Japan Auction under Magazines

For catalogs, try mercari, yahoo japan auctions, fril… anywhere people sell used clothing and use the term カタログ.