Gallery Update: Selections from Kera Issues, Maison, Closet Child Buying Guide, Bodyline Catalog and more.

Selections relevant to the history of lolita fashion from  4 issues of Kera have been added to the gallery. As always this content is provided for historical research purposes under Fair Use.

  • Kera 001 – 1998
  • Kera 041 – February 2002
  • Kera 042 – March 2002
  • Kera 066 – 2004

While these magazines are out of print, we encourage anyone interested in the full content of these magazines to purchase a copy secondhand. Secondhand copies of these magazines can often be found on Amazon Japan, Mbok or Yahoo Japan Auctions for under $10 a copy.

We have also added scans of a Closet Child buying booklet from 2013. This is a promotional flyer that advertised that the second hand shop, Closet Child, would purchase the items shown for the prices shown. This is not the prices they would sell these items at. Closet Child underpays for items and then resells them at market value. However, for those who don’t want to go through the hassle of listing an item for sale on an auction platform and waiting for a buyer, it can be an attractive alternative.

Additionally, a few more catalogs have been made available including a 2006 bodyline catalog which came as a promotional insert inside of magazine and promotional fliers from Angelic Pretty and Metamorphose.

The first 20-or-so pages of Maison (2004) have been added as well.

Again, these items are provided for educational use only.



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