Gallery Update: Interviews and History Timeline from GLP Brand Book V1

The Gothic Lolita & Punk Brand Book was a direct competitor to the Gothic Lolita Bible. While there is a large overlap between the brands featured in the two publications, there are some brands featured in the GLP Brand Books which are missing from the GLB. The GLP Brand Book also gives full pages to some of the brands which the GLB only gave a half-page to. So if you are into less mainstream Japanese Lolita brands, they are great reference. Unfortunately, the mook was only printed for a short period of time.

Today, we are sharing some designer interviews and a timeline which appeared in the first issue of the Gothic Lolita & Punk Brand Book in June 2005.

A note of caution with the timeline, we have noticed that they use the name the brand was using in 2005 for all entries about a brand, which means that “Angelic Pretty” appears in 1979. 1979 is the date that the Select Shop “Pretty” opened. Pretty was a precursor to Angelic Pretty. Much like Kera Shop, Pretty sold items from a variety of other brands. The founder of Pretty would go on to start her own fashion line, Angelic Pretty in 2002, and in time the Pretty shops transitioned to only selling Angelic Pretty (and using Angelic Pretty as the shop name).

As always, this is just a small selection from this mook, and is being made available for historical research purposes. If you are interested in the full book, we reccomend procuring a 2nd hand copy. The mook is out of print, but 2nd hand copies can sometimes be found on Amazon Japan, Mbok or Yahoo Japan Auctions.

As of the time of writing, this mook can be procured from Amazon Japan for under $5, excluding international shipping. The ISBN number isĀ 978-4777801572.

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