Gallery Update: Escargot Skin, GLP Interview Book, ETC & AP Catalogs

We missed posting about a bunch of our recent gallery updates this year, so for those following along with the update posts, here is a recap of what we have added since the last update post.

Velvet Translations, who has translated articles about Metamorphose from GLB 11 and Imai Kira from Panier, submitted scans of Escargot Skin Volume 1 from March 2005, along with a promotional booklet and essays, which were scanned by poupeeinfernale and these gave been added to the gallery.

We have started scanning the Gothic Lolita & Punk Interview Book, which is a book published by the same people who put out the Gothic Lolita & Punk Brand Books. It contains interviews with 80%-90% of the lolita brands that were active in Japan when it was published in January 2007. So far, we have posted the first 19 pages, which contain interviews with the designers of brands like Juliette et Justine and Metamorphose. These interviews are in Japanese, but, as always, if you are interested in translating any of the articles, we would love to link to your translations! Please contact me (Raine Dragon) on facebook for more information.

We have acquired 42 (!) paper catalogs, including some sketch catalog fliers from Emily Temple Cute, that seem to range from 2007-ish to relatively recently. The first 7 of those have been scanned, edited and posted and include 2007 A/W, 2010 March, 2010 S/S Volume ?, 2011 December, 2012 July, 2012 September & 2013 Winter Volume II. As you may have noticed from that list, the titles are not consistent, and many don’t have years on them making it a tiny bit of a challenge to establish the exact date at a glance (basically, each one needs to be a small research project). Here are the first seven (and any more that have been added since).

We have also added scans of a few of our Angelic Pretty catalogs, including Summer 2006, Autumn 2006, Autumn 2007, Spring 2008 and Summer 2008.

We are also currently working on scanning selections from the June 1999 issue of Kera, which will be posted in the near future.

As always this content is provided for historical / educational research purposes under Fair Use, and we encourage anyone interested in the full text of any of these publications to seek out a secondhand copy.

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