Parfait Prints of the Early 2000s

Today, I thought we might look at a theme that is near and dear to my heart: Parfaits!

The oldest parfait print in lolibrary is a 1990 border print from Shirley Temple. It came in children’s and tween/teen sizing. It features fresh fruit and cute stripes. The print sample here is from 100% Shirley Temple Mook. The JSK is Fruit Parfait Print JSK from Shirley Temple, 1990.

While there may have been others in between, we pick back up on the theme in 2003 with another parfait series, this time from the Emily Temple Cute sub-brand of Shirley Temple. Left is the Emily Temple Cute 2003 Summer catalog cover featuring their 2003 summer parfait print. Center is the Parfait Print Sundress JSK and right is the Parfait Embroidery OP, which was released as part of the same collection.

Baby hopped onto the trend in 2005, with their Early Summer Chocolate Strawberry Parfait print. This is the Early Summer Chocolate Strawberry Parfait JSK from 2005. This series was re-released in 2012.

…And angelic Pretty joined in in 2006 with their Pastel a la Mode series. Angelic Pretty’s Pastel a la Mode series was screen printed, which allowed them to offer it in two different base fabrics: a gingham and a dot. They also had some pieces like one of the OP cuts where the screen printing was on the Apron. The JSK shown here is Pastel a la Mode JSK.

2006 also brings us Jane Marple’s Sweet and Cool series. This series has more realistic ice-cream parfaits compared to the others. I love that it also have floats and banana splits. It’s definitely going a different direction from the others here.

In 2007 Maxicimam brought us their screen printed “Pooche print” series. This print is also a screen print, and interestingly, came in a monochrome black and white with silver, which is pretty uncommon for cake / sweets / parfait prints. It also came in a much more normal red x white x pink.

Which brings us full circle to 2008’s iconic Fruits Parlor from Angelic Pretty. In the 12 years since Fruits Parlor was released, parfait prints have exploded in popularity, to the point where it would be difficult to highlight them all here.

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